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About Tumalo Lavender

In June 2005, Tumalo Lavender’s 10 acres had its first 1,000 test plants prepared and planted. The following year, the farm planted over 6,000 plants showcasing 23 varieties of lavender. All the lavender varieties were selected for their beauty, climate hardiness, oil, scent and color. At present time, they have approximately 10,000 lavender plants in the field representing over 20 different varieties from white to violet, pink, blue and several shades of purple.

Since then, Tumalo Lavender has grown to become one of the premier Lavender Farms anywhere in the Northwest.

New Ownership. Same Quality.

In 2005, Gordon and Judy (the former owners) were able to take their experience and research and built Tumalo Lavender. Tumalo Lavender is now owned by the owners of Victoria's Lavender - bringing years of Lavender experience to Tumalo. We expect to not only continue the Tumalo traditions of quality, but add our expertise into the process.

Part of the Victoria's Lavender Family.

Tumalo Lavender is now part of the Victoria's Lavender family. For more information about Victoria's Lavender, click the icon above. We look forward in continuing providing the highest quality Lavender plants and products, while elevating our products, processes and customer experience. Thank you for your support during this transition!

Meet Our Team


With a desire to relocate to Central Oregon, Holly was thrilled at the opportunity to join in the family business. She is looking forward to utilizing her background in geology and environmental work to help the farm thrive while at the same time becoming more sustainable. Holly and her partner, Sean, live on the farm full time.


As a former CPA, Summer brings over 20 years of financial and business operation experience to the farm. She has been involved with Victoria’s Lavender since the beginning and is very excited to expand the family business to include Tumalo Lavender.


Co-Owner, Sales & Marketing

After a career change from the Sports & Events Industry in 2020, Victoria joined Marilyn in working at Victoria’s Lavender. She’s excited to take on an ownership role of the two companies and has big dreams for the property.



With 20 years experience in the lavender business as the creator of Victoria's Lavender, Marilyn is looking forward to expanding her business beyond products into Lavender farming and events. She is very excited to do this expansion with her family!

Tumalo Lavender

Visit our Farm!

We welcome you to visit us and our farm! We have tours, visiting hours and items for sale - all open to the public. Click the button below for more information about visiting!