Gordon KnightLavender Oil Distillation

Essential lavender oil is produced using an extraction method known as steam distillation. Lavender at our farm is harvested for distillation in the morning once the dew has evaporated. Harvest of our lavender for oil distillation is usually in September when the plant is in full bloom and has begun to wither. We use two 100 gal. food-grade, stainless steel pots for distillation of our lavender oil. Plants (stems and flowers) are loaded into the pots, sealed and low-pressure steam begins to flow through the tank. Temperature is monitored throughout this process to insure that the highest grade of oil and hydrosol is obtained. During this process the steam causes the plants oil glands to erupt, and the oil evaporates into the steam. At this point, the steam is routed through our custom copper tubing on its way to the condenser where cold water running through the coils cools the steam, which condenses it back to a high grade liquid of oil and hydrosol. Passing steam through copper tubing helps to achieve sweet, higher quality oils. This process was used in early distillation processes in France. At this point the lavender water and oil are separated into their respective containers, the essential oil, being lighter than water, rises to the surface of the condensate, and is collected in a beaker attached to the separator. This state of the art process produces the highest quality essential oil and hydrosol.

Tumalo Lavender offers custom distillation for lavender growers and we also have a smaller distillation tank for custom oils and hydrosols such as rose geranium, calendula, cucumber and other herbs for the manufacture of cosmetics, etc. Our lavender oils are very fragrant and the very best quality. We do not use chemicals in the extraction of the oils and we guarantee them to be "100% pure essential oils."

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