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Our History

Tumalo Lavender is a farm owned by Gordon and Judy Knight. Before deciding to become lavender farmers, they spent three years researching, investigating, and reading extensively about lavender.

In June 2005, Tumalo Lavender’s 10 acres had its first 1,000 test plants prepared and planted. The following year, Gordon and Judy planted over 6,000 plants showcasing 23 varieties of lavender. All the lavender varieties were selected for their beauty, climate hardiness, oil, scent and color. At present time, they have approximately 10,000 lavender plants in the field representing over 20 different varieties from white to violet, pink, blue and several shades of purple.

In 2017, Judy and Gordon spent an amazing three weeks visiting lavender farms in North and South New Zealand and Tasmania.

Tasmania has the largest, privately owned lavender farm in the southern hemisphere. Bridestowe Lavender Farm, comprising 260 acres, growing approximately 650,000 French lavendula angustifolia plants, is amazing! The farm was established in 1922 and harvest is completely automated. We were given a grand tour since Judy had been in contact with them about our trip. Other than hand harvesting, all of the farms we visited distill and grow lavender as we do. We came away from our tours feeling very good about our farm, growing habits and production!

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