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Our Customers Say...

"I love your lavender oil, it is the best smelling I have ever smelled. I am a huge essential oil user and have been using them for about 10 years. I attribute them to helping many things in my body." ---Ann S.
"Our customers at Farmers Market delight in the Lavender-Lemon Pound Cake, sold by the slice or whole cake, and say that the Lavender Lemonade is to die for....absolutely amazing and so refreshing."
"I have tried every known dermatology product for psoriasis, dry and rough skin. I found Tumalo Lavender's Chamomile & Lavender soap and after a few washes, the bumpy, red rash was cleared up. It's the BEST! My friend uses the Orange-Oatmeal and no longer has to fight with her young kids to take a bath...they love the fragrance." ---Nance R.
"Tumalo Lavender soaps are fabulous! They lather up great and last quite a long time. We love the Patchouli and won't buy any other soap but those from Tumalo Lavender" ---Annie
“We wanted an easy upkeep, drought tolerant yet attractive yard. The answer was lavender! We found the plants and help we needed at Tumalo Lavender.” ---Matt N.
"I bought some of your wonderful soap and oil today at the farmers market and I really want people to know how great they are. I use the oil in a spray bottle with water to repel mosquitos while camping. The soap leaves my skin soft and the bar seems to last forever. I have tried many other lavender soaps and none compares to yours. I love you guys....keep up the good work." ---Rebekah M.
“You cannot imagine the frustration of dealing with many years of problem skin and trying numerous products, expensive and inexpensive, but never finding a product that would help a lifetime of acne. Then I was introduced to products that have truly turned my skin problems around; the lavender,oatmeal/chamomile soap has made the difference...this one is extraordinary. I have been so impressed with Tumalo Lavender soaps and oil that I now have my family using the very same products. In addition to the lavender oil, I also use the hydrosol when ironing, for bug bites and for spraying on my pillowcases and sheets to relax before I go to sleep. I highly recommend you try these products...you will be pleased.” ---Gail B.
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